Sunday, 22 July 2012

Flipboard in the Classroom

Here are some educational uses for Flipboard, both for research and in the classroom:
  1. Find and curate your list of educational blogs; have them all on one page for easy access. You can set this up directly within Flipboard, or within your Google Reader;
  2. Get your students to create their own Flipboard categories for their interests pertaining to any school-related subject;
  3. Create a class Twitter account and have all your students add that as one of their Flipboard selections;
  4. Brainstorm a list as a class to add content to your subject;
  5. Find educational hashtags to expand your professional development (#edchat is a great place to start);
  6. Add your classroom blogs; students can see a more visual version of their posts/works on Flipboard;
  7. Research with your class a city, country, culture or language that you are currently studying;
  8. Follow annual events like Wimbledon or Le Tour de France;
  9. Subscribe to newspapers that are not normally available in your area. Flipboard has full access to articles from The Globe and Mail. Also, the New York Times has recently given their subscribers full access to all their articles on Flipboard;
  10. Continually look for new and better boards to add! Suggest them in the comments.

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