Sunday, 22 July 2012

First Time Blogger

First time using Blogger

  • can I use this with students
  • is it safe enough?
  • how easy is this going to be
  • who is going to see this, do I care?
  • is this eLearning??
Yes this is the beginning of eLearning, the techie bit, learning how to make the app work

BUT the real stuff is just beginning, the students need to do this next bit as life long learners, effective thinkers,communicators, citizens and self managers

  • what are blogs? 
  • how will we use Blogs to share and enhance our learning? 
  • why would you want to have one? 
  • what responsibilities do you have if create one? 
  • which blog site is the best? 
  • what tools/thinking will we need use to explore this? 
  • what will safe use look like? 
  • what do I want record and reflect on? 
  • will this make a positive difference to my life or the lives of others

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