Tuesday, 24 July 2012

eBreakfast Club

A group of like minded teachers met for breakfast this morning. Talk around eLearning but no real agenda, just sharing our finds, our ideas, successes etc. Our guiding principal is that it is only positive, just the good, the exciting. We considered our top digital tool or wish??

  1. IWB and notebook software was high on the list as a teacher tool for guiding lessons, keeping resources at the click of a button 
  2. Devices that are fast to open the required information or app and require minimal maintenance, no cables, chargers etc in a word tablets. 
  3. Ability to connect easily, to reach out to others and share 
 The eggs were lovely, the company good, who could ask for a better start to the day.

1 comment:

  1. A great start to the day, and good to hear the innovative things that are happening. Teachers that are willing to give things a go, and to let students explore the won't be long until Joe finds the students choosing the apps that best suit the job....a bit like Lane has been saying with the Thinkbox....need them to be self directed learners, allowing them to choose the tool that fits.